“Made for Advanced Automotive Plastic Repairs”

Bumper-push – 3D Printed Hand Tool

Product Highlights:

• Engineered using decades of plastic repair expertise
• Simple to use multi-use push and manipulation hand tool to be used with a heat gun
• Many grip points for maximum use and control
• Designed to eliminate damage to parts during repairs
• Designed in the USA for manufacture around the world

Texture & Top Coat

Product Highlights:
• Formulated for automotive plastic parts
• Topcoat Waterborne
• Match OEM texture and black topcoat
• Superior Fill & coverage
• Can be sanded without feather edge tearing
• Simple mix and apply process
• Low VOC and Odor
• First to market product in 2K
• Assist in increasing repair vs replace for body shops
• Made in USA

Easy Weld

Product Highlights:
• Automotive-grade, OEM compatible materials
• Formulated to meet modern automotive plastics
• Only known product type blend mix in the market
• Easy to shape and blend into the original part
• Flexible and absorbent to stress and impact
• Flat 12mm and tri rod 4.2mm range
• Made in USA


Product Highlights:
• Flash dry in seconds with adhesive products (based on application)
• Does not shrink or react to heat or paint chemicals
• Fuses with plastic dust to form solid compound when filling minor
• Maximized strength when bonding minor broken plastic parts
• Formulated using advanced compounds not to clog and dry up
• Value 8ml bottle to maximize performance and reduce waste
• Made in China


Product Highlights:
• Design for shaving & use on automotive plastics
• 25% pure carbon & Rockwell rating of up to 66
• Oiled against corrosion and packaged in plastic sleave
• Hardened files and sandblasted clean for lasting
• Chisel cut teeth with a tungsten carbide tool
• 9 TPI design for best performance on plastic
• Made in Portugal

Flexi-finish – Plastics

Product Highlights:
• Formulated 2023 in USA
• 2 Part epoxy made for today’s plastics
• Superior Sanding + Feathering
• Zero shrinkage when baking
• Highest tolerance of Flexibility
• Quick Drying and Curing time
• Heat & Cold Temperature resistant
• Superior paint adhesion
• Lifetime Warranty

• Made in USA


Product Highlights:
• Formulated and Designed for automotive use
• Tested on all surfaces for over 12 months
• Non-Toxic Water Based Ink
• Designed to not damage automotive surfaces and virtually eliminate shadow marks on paint
• Washable with soap or alcohol after use and dry
• Weather resistant to snow and rain on all materials
• Most advanced product compared to 2 other market items ( one outdated and other exact product)
• Made in Japan


Product Highlights:
• Heavy-duty thickness for added support
• Enhanced holding strength type of adhesive
• Perfectly suited to plastic welding auto parts
• Easy clean up of adhesive upon removal
• 25m roll to reduce wastage and maximize product life

• Made in China